My partner Julia Robinson

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This is my partner Julia. Isn’t she gorgeous. We met in Sept. 1984 on our B.A. Fine Art course at the then Polytechnic Wolverhampton. Anyway like me Julia is an artist and will soon have her own web site, but until her web site is up and running we decided to put something on mine. We had decided in anycase to link our web sites and have something about each other on our web sites. Hope that makes sense. There will also be a catagory in each of our online stores where you can have a look to see what artworks Julia has available.

Here are some of Julia’s recent flower paintings….

97x81cmagapanthusatdusk.jpg 97x81cmlowtidetresco.jpg 97x81cmagapanthuseveninglight.jpgÂ

97x81cmwildgladiolitresco.jpg  102x61cmtwoagapanthusquietday.jpg  112x97cmagapanthustresco.jpgÂ

Julia has many influences on her work from Elizabeth Blackadder to Rothko. And so explores figurative and more abstract forms which you will be able to see on her own web site and if you are in London you could always visit the Geffrye museum to see one of her works.Â

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  1. What can I say but Wow! This blog is wonderful! Do you take all of the photographs for this blog? It is good to see others that appreciates things such as this. Because I am a flower designer I find this type of matter very interesting. Can I backlink back to your blog from my personal blog page? Thank you for writing. Lauren Davis